Creating Document Types on Broker


Im new to this forum and to the technology as well. We have a job of creating document types on a broker, rather than on an IS (Integration Server) as we are trying to use only the broker and elimiate the IS completely. I was told that we can use JMS API to get this done. Could someone gimme any pointers on how to proceed on this?
Thanks in Advance

Broker administration is done via My webMethods. You can define Brokers, doc types, JMS topics, etc. via MWS.

You won’t be able to use the JMS API for administration activities. JMS is an API specification focused solely on message exchange. Administration of JMS varies depending upon the JMS provider tool being used.

Out of curiosity, what is driving the desire to use only Broker and eliminate IS? I would think the reverse would be more advantageous. And if you’re moving away from IS to something else, I would presume that something else has JMS facilities. Broker is a good, well performing component but it seems odd to me that someone would use just that out of the wM suite.

Hello Reamon

We have a situation where the IS is being used to route the messages, which we think can be done using the broker itself. So we decided to remove the IS and carry on with Broker alone and use MWS to create documents and publish on the broker. I wanna know if documents can be created on a broker using Java and if its possible, how can it be executed.

I believe we have a same question here


Broker has an admin API for Java and other languages to programmatically create document types, client groups, etc. I’m not sure of the level of support for JMS-related admin items.