Creating connection to databse using java service


I want to create a connection to a database from a Java service rather than an adapter service and i am doing this for my practice purpose (creating a “how to connect to databse using Java service” document). Any pointers or references to a java code is appreciated.

I am connecting to MSSQL server 2005 from IS 7.1.2. The inputs that i will be providing are database URL, Driver class and username/password.


This is not regarding using an existing connection, it has to create a new connection in the code.


What you got to do it simply embed the java connectivity code in a java service.
Here is the sample code:

import java.sql.*;
Class.forName( “”);

                    Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(          "jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://server:port;User='';Password=");                          

            catch (Exception e)
                    return null;

just make sure you have the jars at the right place.

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I would strongly encourage not doing this and instead use the facilities provided by the JDBC adapter. If you must access a DB while running a Java service, use the IS Java API to invoke a proper JDBC service.


I understand the concern and it was just a curious how to thing.


Thanks for the pointer.