creating a webService provider with WSDL

Hi All,
As a webService provider I have to share my WSDL to target party to consume. As I take a little time to create my service,I am liking to know if I have request doc in xsd and response doc also in xsd, how to create a WSDL file with this. Also, how can I use this as part of my provider service.


I would suggest to create an empty flow having your request/reply XSD structures as input/output and then generate a provider WSDL. you can then implement the service logic later. This process reduces the risk of binding issues and port issues which may occur in case you build WSDL just out of XSDs.

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after having the Provider WSDL (and Descriptor node) created, you can export the WSDL from IS with the following URL:

can be obtained from Designer when right clicking on the descriptor node and select “copy”.
Adding the “?WSDL” parameter indicates to return the WSDL instead of invoking the service directly when omitting the parameter.

Calling the URL “http://:/ws/” will display all available WebServices on your IS.

This URL is also visible in the properties of the Descriptor node.


Hi Anil,

One more way of doing this is to create a WSDL file manually using XMLSpy(Tool) and include the I/O XSD’s into the WSDL.
Then consume the WSDL in Designer and share the WSDL URL with the client.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Doing this way will not have binding/operations information inside WSDL. After importing into designer you would have to again drag/drop/add a IS service into the descriptor to append that info into WSDL.

So creating a template service with desired in/out is required here as well I guess.

@Faraz, Can we skip the service creation part and still create WSDL? reason being IS includes fully qualified namespaces inside binding information

We can manually define binding/operation information inside WSDL and when we consume the WSDL as a provider it will create empty Flow services with input/output Structures defined for the services.

Service will be empty and we need to drag and drop services in which we have implemented our logic.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Yeah right… WSDL first approach. Should carefully compose the WSDL to avoid corruptions.

Agree on that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your inputs.