Creating a trigger Programmatically


I am trying to create triggers programmatically in a java service based on a dynamic list of customers. There is no documentation on this from webmethods. However the required classes are in the server.jar file (Trigger, TriggerManager, TriggerBuilder, TriggerUtil, TriggerFacade etc).

I have created a trigger and registered it using the TriggerManager, and it shows up on the Resources->TriggerManagement page, but doesn’t show up in the developer. Also, the trigger is not enabled, and there seems to be no method to enable it. Has someone done something like this before?

Also, getTriggers() in TriggerManager is protected. Is there a way to get a handle to the Trigger object corresponding to a trigger?

It seems like I’m almost there, except for a few issues. Could someone please help :slight_smile:

Thank you,