Creating a Process Debug Configuration issue:

Hello Experts,

while configuring debug mode for Business process management getting "No input documents available.Make sure integration server connected or not ".
But integration server is connected and I’m able to see my package navigator
Can you please guide on this issue.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Ram,

Were you able to resolve this?

If not, then I can suggest that your process does not have any Start steps defined.

I believe we can do a better job with our messages, but the intention of the message shown in your screenshot is twofold: 1) to state that your process needs at least one input document, i.e. a Start step, and 2) the possible reason for there not being any input document is that your Integration Server is not connected.

Since you state that your Integration Server is connected, then I suspect your process does not have any Start steps.

I hope that helps.