Creating a java service for converting StringToFile


I need to create a java service for converting stringtoFile.I can’t use inbuilt services like writeToFile or stringToFile.Kindly help me out…


File related services are available in the PSUtilities package also. You can refer to those services.


Hi Preeta,

That is simply in java,Use File class and Read the String via BufferedInputStream and write it in to the file.
Specify the file path which you going to write a file during run time or Hardcoded.


Thanka lot shakti and sasanka

Wonder why can’t you use built-in services for that? They are meant to be used. Are you using prior versions of webMethods 8.x?


Hi Senthil,

Ya i know you will have this doubt…But this is what was said to do…anyways we have sorted this problem…thanks a lot for ur replies…I have seen maximum you have replied to my posts …really thanks alot…just i am updating my knowledge with this group…:slight_smile: