Creating a document Type using a XSD

i was able to create a document using a XML schema file. The fields in the documents are created with default prefix ns:

I need to generate a XML strimg using this document. How do i get rid of this defalut prefixes?

I would change the xml to a string and then use pub.string:replace to get rid of
any prefixes. For performance, I would put the pub.string:replace in a transformer.
If you are validating an inbound XML document with the schema, you’ll likely need the prefixes to get the “valid” response.



please check the XSD for the attribute elementForm in the XSD-Header <xsd:schema …="">

When it specifies “qualified” you will get the docType as described.
When elementForm is omitted or set to “unqualified”, only the top level element contains the prefix.

But this prefix is required if the xml is used as part of a SOAP message.