Creating a dashboard based on existing group template

Hi, We have configured a dashboard for a group of users using group template and now we want to replicate it by creating more dashboards like this. when trying to copy this existing dashboard using dashboard ID it is not working and only one dashboard of the group is being displayed, what is missing in our steps?

Hi, could you please provide more details? What version are you using? Are you copying the dashboard directly via REST API or some UI? Are you adding the newly copied dashboard as a child addition to the target group?

BACKEND: 1020.296.0
UI: 1016.0.170

I am using UI, please find below my snapshot: I am selecting “Copy an Existing Dashboard”

and by the way, how can I greate a group dashboard based on another existing group dashboard using REST API?


I guess you are using Application Builder. If that is the case, then Creating new group template based on existing group template is not supported.

This functionality available in Blueprint Forge via “Add to Catalog” feature where you can add existing dashboard to Dashboard Catalog as template and later you can use that template and create group dashboard.

You can create same type app what you have in Application Builder by using blank template in Blueprint Forge.


we cannot copy the group dashboard via REST API and then modify it and push a new one also using REST API?


As I said, it is not supported however there is work around available which is little bit complex.

You can do that by modifying applicationBuilder fragment in application service managed object.
You need to modify applicationBuilder fragment as per below and send it back as put request.

  • Find out application Id of your application
  • Make a get call in application service and copy response object
  • Copy and update applicationBuilder fragment as below
  • Locate the dashboard object which is cloned
  • add or update groupTemplate to true.
  • update device Id as group Id
  • invoke PUT API with applicationBuilder fragment using application service API
    See below example as highlighted

Caution: Please be extra careful as if something goes wrong then it may break your application. Please take backup of existing fragment before updating Managed Object.