Create MWS Roles only to allow resubmit INBOUND messages

Hello webMethods Gurus.

We are using webMethods 10.3 currently and we have received some request from user.

Basically user wanted to have access like below:

  1. Admin: able to resubmit all the messages INBOUND and OUTBOUND.
  2. User: only able to resubmit INBOUND messages.

As we check under MWS=>Administration=>Data Permissions=> View Transaction, the only option is to enable or disable “Resubmit” option.

Appreciate if anyone can help to shed some light on how to achieve this.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Fanny T

In MWS Administration → System Wide → B2B Permissions → Data Permisions
You can setup roles / permissions on a Customer / Message Type level.

Hi Jon,

Many thanks for the advise.
I guess this will works, will try to setup as your suggestion.

Thank you.

Best Regads,
Fanny T

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