Create multiple instances of the same portlet at runtime

hi All,

Is it possible to create multiple instances of 1 portlet with different states.

Let me explain my problem with an example:

  1. I have a portlet whose instance need to be opened on click of a button.
  2. Another instance of the same portlet need to be opened on click of another button.

End user should be able to paralally work on both these instances of portlets which will have different sets of data (all the providers defined in this portlet managed bean should be different for both of these instances).

Setting portlet managed bean property ‘expireWithPageFlow’ to true/false didn’t help. (Obvioiusly ‘expireWithPageFlow’ to ‘false’ will not help. But setting it to ‘true’ is displaying weird behavior)

Could you please suggest if you have any inputs on this issue?

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar kintali

Hi again,

Is there any solution avaialble to create multiple instances of a portlet managed bean and use these managed beans paralally in a single user session.

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

Your question is a bit vague, so i’m not sure if i fully understand it. However, i’ve attached a trivial example of a two instances of the same portlet published to a folder in public folders. You can interact with them and they will keep all data separate from each other even though they are the same portlet type.

Hope this helps.
–mark (9.33 KB)