Create Dynamic Webservice Connection

Can we create a connection to a webservice dynamically from a flow by passing in the URL of the webservice?

Are you attempting to generate web service connector on the fly? If so, can you expand on what you are trying to accomplish?


Our Application Dev Team has developed a webservice which will be deployed on different boxes for different env like DEV, UAT and Prod.

I need to create a connection to the webservice based on the IP Address where it is deployed.

So , I was wondering if I could create this connection based on some input parameters and send a SOAP request.

Please let me know if you need any further information


The URL and credentials should always be retrieved from external configuration or properties files. This is a best practice regardless of whether it is a web service, FTP service or HTTP post.


Agreed and I am concluding that we can create the connector dynamically.

Is that correct? If yes, how? This is my first time dealing with webservices from webmethods.


A “connector” is a Flow service with hardcoded Soap endpoint URLs generated from a WSDL. The web services connector wizard generates this code from the WSDL that you supply.

You don’t need to do this dynamically. You just want to modify the generated code or, better yet, just use the generated code as a starting point or model and create your own Flow that accepts variables for the things you want to parametrize.

There are many posts here on how to use properties files or other config files and several in the SOA Development forum on the frailties inheirent in the Flow generated by the web services connector.

It is beyond the scope of this reply to provide details on how to use Flow to pass values into a called Flow or java service.


Thanks Mark! I will try that.