Create custom log in

Hello everyone,

I have already searched this forum and found several topics on this subject, however none of them answered my question.

I have a project requirement according to which I need to create a custom login portlet for an application. This portlet will use LDAP to validate user and password, however it needs to allow the user to register itself or to recover the password: it needs to link to two other portlets which can be acessed without the user being logged in.

To be honest I am having trouble even creating the custom login portlet.

One of the examples I saw used a HtmlInclude, but I wanted to avoid this.

Is there a tutorial I can follow or can any of you give me an example of how I can do this?

We don’t have a tutorial on password recovery or self registration. You will need to create that functionality in portlets that have the Anonymous authentication scheme associated with them. For the actual login, you shouldn’t have to do any custom LDAP code, just follow the suggestions that mention the html include.