Create alarm for a group of devices using analytics builder

Detailed explanation of the problem: I am working on a usecase - For a group of devices, if the moving average temperature value breaches a threshold, need to raise an alarm.

It is very easily doable using EPL aps and done it, but customer is asking a no code solution i.e. using Analytics builder.

For a single device it is working fine, challenge I am facing is, for a group, it is not working as I am not allowed to select a group for the input or output block. And for 100s of devices it it is not possible to create 100s of analytics models. I am looking for a solution.

Please suggest a viable solution.

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:


Hi Matiur,

in the output block instead of selecting an individual device you need to select “Triggering Device”.

Best regards,

@Harald_Meyer ,
Thanks for you reply.
Working, but got an issue-
If one of the device temperature breaches threshold alarm is sent to all the devices :face_exhaling:

Any idea?
Requirement is only the device breaching threshold should get alarm, not all the devices.
Please help.


Hi Matiur,

I do not think that is the problem. I tested it on my end and the alarm is only raised on one of the devices of the group. There are two issues:

  • if you want to detect the breach of a threshold the Average block is not a very good choice (at least if you want to have a fixed threshold). Better use the Crossing Counter, Expression, Range or Range Lookup blocks.
  • Why you are seeing alarms on all devices is that, the Average block will fire on the first measurement it receives because no average existed before that. the longer your model runs, the less the average will change between measurements, so you will likely not see any alarms, after an average has been established.
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