Create a hash table amp perform search

Hi, friends,

I have a need to convert a database table (just one field) into a hash table to improve search performance, and wonder if anyone has done that before. Does wM have any built-in functions, or you have to write a java service?

They do exist!

It’s a nice surprise that I came across Ray Moser’s article on “Date Storage”, which solved my problem!

“…data store provides an implementation of a key-value hash table”, as his article says. It’s fairly easy to create a flow service to build a hash table, and another flow service to search it.

Without it, I had to loop through my recordset 20,000+ times and make over 20,000 queries for data validation alone. Now I just need to do one query, add the field to the KEY of data storage, and perform search at a cost of O(1).