Coverting String to BigDecimal


  1. How a String can be converted to BigDecimal(java.math.BigDecimal) type?

I have an input value as a string which is actually a number. I need to pass it to a JDBC adapter service which is accepting only java.math.BigDecimal type.

  1. How a string can be converted to date type. It is not just formatting the string structure, but the data type needs to be changed as a JDBC adapter service is expecting a date type as input.

Are there any sevices available to achieve the above two or do we need to write java services?

Thanks in anticipation.

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You can use wMTransformation package for such changes or you can write your own java service. You need to use following piece of code:

java.math.BigDecimal val = new java.math.BigDecimal(String obj, MathContext.DECIMAL32);

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Thanks Vikas for your help.
I used the below services as suggested by you.

Hi Vikas Gupta and Ravi Varma K,

Even I have the same requirement as Ravi Varma. I tried searing for the package WmTransformations on SAG Tech community and on google but I am unable to find this package.

Can you please share me the path where I can download the package.

Your help is highly appreciated.

You can use below service.


Hi Akash,

I do not find the service pub.math:toNumber in wM 7.1.2.

I guess you are referring to wM 8.1.2 or higher? I guess we may have to write a java service for this requirement.

Hi M@he$h,

            In wM 8.2.2, we have pub.math:toNumber service.

Thanks Akash… I will check this :slight_smile: