Could not find any entry document to this wait step

When executing a Process Model for the Outbound PIP 3A4, I am getting the following errorwhen hitting the ‘Wait for Internal Request Document’ step :

com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.prt.CouldNotIdentifyTheIncommingDocType: Could not find any entry document to this wait step. Model name=pq__CiscoIntegrations/PIP3A4Outbound_44a,Step No=S3, available inputs=[WWT PO Outbound Header With Extension-5041h9003tvsnrap0000005s]

Anybody have any ideas? I am using the 2 step process model supplied with the WmRosettaNet package.

It turns out that the problem here was with the ‘Express Pipeline’ option within the model. My understanding was that this option is only applicable in a clustered environment - but apparently it’s just there to break things.

The RosettaNet module and the PRT engine are full of bugs in 7.1.2