Could not connect: No suitable driver


Iam trying to connect to MS SQL Server 2000 from Business Connector

I have copied the msbase.jar, mssqlserver.jar, msutil.jar files to
sapbc/IS/lib/jars folder and

the connection settings which i gave
Alias: xyz(Interface name)
DB Username: xyz
DB Password: xyz
DB Driver:
Minimum Connections:
Maximum Connections:
Expiration Time (ms) :
Loaded Drivers : (selected)
after this submitted and i have restarted the dev server
but still iam getting “Could not connect: No suitable driver” Error

please suggest me what to do in this regard

You need to enter the driver class name where it says DB Driver. For SQL Server 2000, it should be

  • Percio

given the driver name but still getting the same error “Could not connect: No suitable driver”