Could not add wss soap header in outbound auth

I tried to add wss soap header in outbound authentication policy
However, it seems the API cannot add the wss soap header when sending the request to native API
I followed the tutorial in below link, is there any prerequisite required ?
Thanks so much"Outbound+Authentication+-+Message"+Policy+Action

Is the native API wsdl has the WS security policy enforced?
Can you attach the native API wsdl ?

Below is part of my Native API.



This policy seems to be fine. I need to have a look at the entire WSDL. Is there an URL where i could access the wsdl?

Arun Dev

Dear Arun Dev,

Please find the entire WSDL file from attached.
[url]ReceiverWebS.wsdl - Google Drive

Moreover, we make a video about how we add and test the outbound authentication.
[url]2019-04-25_1011.swf - Google Drive

Would you please kindly comment any step or setting is incorrect?
If there is any other supplementary information need, please kindly let me know.

Thanks so much for your help.