Copy Flowservice steps to another empty flowservice

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Let say i have a flowservice A which as 10 steps and i copy those steps by clicking CTRL A and CTRL V to another flowservice B and save . So variables and data mapping will get affected in flowservice B or will i get the correct result as i was getting in flowservice A ? Will copy paste make any difference in both of the service results ?


If you have the same pipeline data, mapping will be correct. If you don’t have the same input and output you will have the mapping set but since you don’t have the input set, it won’t work. If you want to copy everything and then make small changes, instead of copying and pasting the flows, you can duplicate the service that you are going to edit. That way service input and output will also be set correctly. Just copy the service and paste where you want to have the copy. It will rename the service if you paste it to same path.

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Thanks ! I copied the flowservice to another flowservice and define the I/O variables explicitly .

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