convertToValues and the error codes it raise


Can someone tell me why when a “[FFP.0012.0004] Found no valid records” error appears (while using convertToValues with “validate” to “true”), it raises an error; and the “isValid” field and the “errors” documentField aren’t declared/filled ?

It works fine ie. with “[FFP.0011.0011] Unrecognized record.” no error raises, but “isValid” and “errors” are filled.

IS 8.0.1


It normally goes like this.

If there is no valid record matching to the schema in the entire flatfile then it throws FFP.0012.0004 Found no valid records errors (isValid not set).

If there is some problem in the record itself (record split and gone to next line etc.) then it throws [FFP.0011.0011] Unrecognized record error (isvalid=false).

If there is atleast one valid record it does not throw any error (isvalid=true).

You can try running flatfile schema with a flat file to generate the below errors and then use it in your service as required.