convertToString record tags

I’m creating a flat file and when I convert it to a string the record tags are getting written out over some of the data.
My layout is header,line,trailer.
I can have multiple headers which can have multiple lines and the trailer is at the end.

my out put is kind of like this


I’d like to get rid of the record identifiers. I’ve done some reading and searching but can’t figure out how to “turn off” the record tags. Most of our work is with XML so this is new to me.

thanks in advance,

after doing more reading and testing I wonder if this issue is more in how my schema is defined than the convertToString service. Anyone have any input?

I figured out a work-around for this issue but found another issue.
I’m using a fixed width fields/records but it appears that I have some kind of hidden delimiter or something. There is a space between my fields and it is chopping off the last char of each field. Any ideas on this or should I open a new thread?

Is it positionally or n-th field delimited ?