convertToString does not produce output

I’m new to wm and trying to get my FTP service working. Here is my problem:

  1. I query the database and retrieve an output2. I have created a Flat file dictionary, flat file Schema and a document having the fields structure
  2. When I pass the data that I retrieved from DB to the pub.flatfile.convertToString, it produces no output and I get an error ‘Missing content or filename’
  3. I validated my schema by running it and providing a sample output file in both ‘.txt’ and ‘.csv’ format and it was validated successfully

I’m not sure what might be wrong or how I need to debug this.
Any help will be much appreciated.


In this step are you mapping the retrieved database values to the document produced from your schema? .If you haven’t done then please try mapping it to the document first and then map that document to ffvalues to your convertToString service.


Thanks for your reply Anil.
I do map the database values to the document that was produced from the schema.
When I map that document to ffValues of ‘convertToString’, I do see the data in the mapping input document. I have specified ‘ffSchema’ value to appropriate schema and ‘returnAsBytes’ value to true. After I execute this flow service, I do not see the ‘bytes’ object generated. I’m unable to understand what could go wrong in this step. Any light you can shed on this will be really helpful.

What are your record delimiter and field delimiter values?. Try playing with those and see if it helps…except that I can’t think of anything else that might be causing the issue.

Thanks, Anil

Hi Himanshu,
You are mapping the IS document directly to ffvalues input in convertToString service right. Can you try mapping this IS doc one step inside ffvalues. I mean, POOrder map to ffvalues/POOrder. See if this helps…


Thanks Senthil and Anil for your responses.
I got it working.
The reason it was not producing an output in the bytes was because I had provided a value for ‘outputFileName’ variable and the conversion was actually getting written in the file with the name in the outputFileName. After removing that value, I was able to get output in the ‘bytes’ object.

Thanks again for looking into it!

  • Himanshu

There you go… By design, having output file name set, ffvalues output will not be produced… Enjoy working!