converting an XML file to record/recordlist


I have a xml file with the in it .

I used DocumenttoRecord and RecordToRecordList but When I am converting it to record I am gettting @encoding and @version also how can I remove these and get a clear record list from recordToRecordList so that I can insert record in the database.

Any help will by highly appriciated.

If you dont want to see xml version and encoding
after you use documentToRecord proceed this way.

In the documentToRecord of (service OutPut)which is boundNode under this copy the root of the the out put record child you are generating example(shipNotice or Purchaseorder xml),
and map to the piplelineOutput record.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

map the ShipNotice record under the boundNode

I tested trying this and this works me.

Try it out at your end.