Convert XML to PDF using XSLT

Hi everybody,

does any one ever used XSLT to convert an XML file to a PDF file. could you please send me any exemple of this kind of transform. is there any editor that create this kind of transform?


You can’t convert directly from XML to PDF with XSLT. What you can do is convert from XML to an XSL-FO (Formatting Objects) document using XSLT. You then take the XSL-FO document and run it through a rendering engine to produce your PDF.

A widely accepted, freeware (I believe) rendering engine is FOP. More advanced functionality is also available via commercial packages from the likes of RenderX. Sorry I don’t have links to them handy, but they should be easy enough to find on the Web.

I don’t have much hands-on experience doing this, but if you like I can point you to some better resources on the subject. HTH.

You can check out iText if you need something quick and dirty. I used it in conjunction with Integration Server. I put the jar file in the /lib/jars directory and wrote simple java services.

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It will give you a quick and dirty to see if this is a good approach for you.



Michael and Ray,

thanks a lot for your help.

anyone know how to parse pdf’s in IS to generate corresponding XML documents?

Can any one tell me the use of openLatch() method and if you have any java service using this can be useful for me to understand…