Convert Int to String

I have a int specificed as in input of a service to call a stored procedure. I need to convert that Int to a string for processing it after the stored Procedure. How do I convert that Int to a string?

webMethods does the type casting automatically for most datatypes.
Anyways, hope this helps.

For a reference:
String to byte – Byte.parseByte(string)
String to short – Short.parseShort(string)
String to int – Integer.parseInt(string)
String to long – Long.parseLong(string)
String to float – Float.parseFloat(string)
String to double – Double.parseDouble(string)

Or read the following Java Tek Tip:

a good book for quick reference:

So there isn’t a “Standard” webMethods service?

have you tried to use transformer?

You can use pub.string.makeString as referenced in B2BBuiltInServicesGuide.pdf HTH

Hi Billy - I’m assuming you’re calling the stored proc from a flow service. I believe webMethods handles this for you. The input value you pass to your stored procedure will be a String in the pipeline that you map into the ‘call’ service. You shouldn’t need to convert it to a String - since it already is one.

Using a transformer has no relevance to your problem and the makeString concatenates an array of strings into one string (again no relevance to your problem).


Will you are right when I use the JDBC adapter it is required that I use int if the stored procedure uses int as the input, but pub.db:call it doesn’t matter if it is an int or a string. Since pub.db:call works better than the JDBC adapter for this particular stored procedure conversion is not revelent.