Convert byte array to XML Node using java service

I want to parse bizdoc.content using a java service.
Bizdoc.content type is byte.

So, in my java service, I can start something like this:

IDataCursor idc = pipeline.getCursor();
Object byteArrayContent = (byte)IDataUtil.get(idc, “byteArrayContent”);
// What’s next to convert to xml Node?
// Maybe I can convert byteArrayContent object to byte and byte to String and then invoke xmlStringToXMLNode service.
// I am looking for better way, if possible, other than invoking xmlStringToXMLNode service from this java service.

Why do you want to use Java, esepcially if you call a IS service from within a Java? In my experience it is much easier to use flow service and call the services from within pub.xml.
Java makes sense if you stick within Java and do things where flow is not efficient, but calling other IS services is much easier, better readable and even more efficient from within flow services.