Conversational RPC

Hello EntireX Gurus… :slight_smile:

I am dealing whit an update issue…

If I request a .NET Wrapper → NatSubprogram to update records via a web service, can I lock the record until my update is submitted?

Should I use Conversational RPC in order to do that?

Anybody has an ASP.NET working example that help my .net programmer?

Thanks in advance…

You could use a conversation if the update needs to span multiple calls. There are options on the Natural RPC side to determine if the ET is automatic when the conversation is closed or ensure an explicit ET is issued(my preference).

If you use conversations, be sure to open up more servers (use NTASKS on mainframe Natural RPC) to allow concurrent users access to your service - a conversation ties up a server for its duration and a failed client process would leave that thread tied up until the conversation was timed out by Broker (CONV-NONACT).

It would be preferable to keep it stateless: the update and ET completed in one call - it is easier to manage and gives better performance.

Douglas Kelly,
Principal Consultant
Software AG, Inc
Sacramento, California