Controlling searchable users or roles in the picker dialog

Can we control the users or roles to be listed while searching on out of the box picker dialog that appears at the time of delegation or assignment on BC? The same can be achieved using Principal Picker Dialog that comes with Task Project. But it is only good on MWS not BC due to its theme. If not possible, can we override that picker dialog with our own interface? Any suggestions to achieve this? It makes sense for business users because, one may not want assign or delegate a task to any user found on AD or system. Having controlled list of users helps business to assign carefully. Thanks in advance

Hi Prasad,

Your question is not really clear, are talking about allowing only certain users to show up in people picker

The people picker has the search option by which you can narrow down the users to whom you want to assign or delegate, or is it something I am missing can you please provide more details.



Hi Vinay, sorry for the confusion created. I am not asking for narrowing down the search results. I noticed that can be done by typing text in “Search” box and only matching users or roles will appear. My question is to control which users or roles to be listed after the search is performed.

To make it clear, say I am a business user who belongs to a finance department role. I logged into BC and want to assign or delegate a task to another user or sub-role who belongs to finance department role only. As of now, I can put any AD username in the search box and assign or delegate the task to that user.

We want to restrict the above behavior and allow business users to choose from a specific set of users or roles during assignments. If this is not possible, can we hide that delegate or assignTo buttons at least? So that we can implement our own pop-up panel listing only allowed roles or users. It will be even great if there is a way to bind those buttons to show custom pop-up panels without having to hide them.

Hope I tried to explain it clear.

Hi Team, Please let me know if my question is still not clear.