Consolidation of pubsets (BS2000)

Hi all,
currently the container files of our ADABAS database are spread over 3 pubsets: :ASSO:, :DATA:, :WORK:

/                        SHARUPD=YES                                   
/                        SHARUPD=YES                                   
/                        SHARUPD=YES                                   
/                        SHARUPD=YES                                   

We’re planning to consolidate all pubsets on new devices to one single pubset.
This of course will affect our database nucleus jobs. Our action plan is as follows:

  • stop nucleus
  • ADASAV offline entire database,
  • $ARCHIVE EXPORT of all pubsets including database container files,
  • $ARCHIVE RESTORE into new single pubset,
  • adapt nucleus jobs to reflect the new location of the container files
  • restart nucleus again
  • nucleus is active (hopefully) :slight_smile:

The device type (2004) will not change.

Is this approach valid, what do the experts say.
Any input is appreciated …

Dear Ralf,
first I would like to remind you to post such questions to your support representative, they can not only help you when you encounter product problems but also with such questions :lol:

Now the answer to your question: you are right and here a few hints from our developer:

  1. the ADASAV SAVE of the database is a perfect fall-back strategy in case something happens :wink:
  2. you should copy every container dataset with
    … and so on for the others
  3. the DBID and DEVICE type should not be changed
  4. The original ($ADA01) should not be started in parallel with the new one ($ADA02) - the best would be to delete the old datasets after the copy.
  5. The nucleus und ALL :!: utility JCLs need to have the new pubset names

Ursula Noll