CONNX SSL Encryption Impacting Behaviour of Update/Delete?

We have enabled SSL on both the CONNX JDBC Server and the CONNX Gateway via AT-TLS.

Ever since we turned on CNXLISTENSSL = 1, our java programs which do massive update and delete seem to run significantly slower. 2.5x - 3x slower.

Do we expect the CONNX SSL to have such an impact on update and delete operations?

Our applications do use connectionpooling for the jdbc connections. Connectionpooling is done at Tomcat and JBoss respectively. connectionpooling is turned off at CONNX JDBC.

Does anybody experience similar behavior for their application after CONNX SSL?

Thank you in advance.

CONNX version: 13.50.17320.
Keysize = 2K

Just a followup on this topic, We worked with Min via support and we found that he performance issue was not related to SSL, but rather other factors, and we were able to get the performance issue resolved.