Connection reset by peer: socket write error

Our client has been using webMethods6.1. We face a problem that is not consistent. But occurs once every alternate days. The following is the error :
“2006-01-30 15:14:50 CET [ISS.0098.0036E] DefaultProducer encountered Transport Exception: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Comm Failure (102-2051): Unable to send to Broker. Error ‘ Connection reset by peer: socket write error’ was reported by the send call.”
Due to the above, the document gets published to the broker twice and so gets processed twice. How can this be eliminated?
I have applied SP BrokerCore_6-1_SP3_Fix6_WIN .


I’d start with getting a competent network engineer to examine the connectivity between the IS and Broker boxes. Do they both reside in the same data center? Are they separated by a WAN? What is the level of network congestion during this anomaly? What about the processing loads on both IS and Broker?


Hi Mark,
The IS and broker are situated on different machines in the LAN. I am not sure if the network connection would be breaking. Also I ran a program once on the Production IS for a week that pings the broker every 5 mins. I could not find any problem.Also the interfaces that run processes around 800-1000 records. Is there any other way I can find it out.
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I would check to make sure the IS server is set up correctly. The dispatcher process is responsible for putting into and taking out of the broker. For outbound transactions the dispatcher uses an outbound document store to put the document in if it cannot reach the broker for some reason. This dispatcher is responsible for reconnecting to the broker when it becomes available. Are you by passing the dispatcher some how? Using the broker API maybe?

If it is setup correctly then I would open a trouble ticket with webMethods because a network blip should not cause this problem.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply. No I am not skipping dispatcher and neither using any broker API. The IS is setup properly as far as I know. Is there any way of knowing if the IS is setup properly. The reason I am telling this is that interfaces are running fine on a hourly basis daily. Only once a day or so, I am regularly getting the error stating :
“DefaultProducer encountered Transport Exception: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Timeout (112-1450): The request timed out.”
At this stage, the documents gets republished i.e gets published twice.
As far as I know the network here is fine. Any other pointers which I can explore?


So is the document that is being published twice getting to the broker both times? Or is it being republished after if fails the first time?

Hi Mark,
The document is republished. The earlier document does not fail. So the processing happens twice. But as I said this behaviour is not consistent. It happens teice a day or so.

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Well the dispatcher is not behaving but it is possible for duplicates to be published to the broker. It is pretty rare but if a document is persisted to the broker and the broker sends back the ack but the network fails then dups can happen. You might want to try configuring duplicate detection via the trigger settings. That might help you out in this situation.

I got the similar message in the IS previously. In my case there wasn’t any problem with the duplicate document being published. Both IS and the broker is in the same host hence any network related issue is ruled out.

I raised with WM tech support and I had applied SP3 and fix6 for the core broker (6.1) the problem went away. Please consult with webMethods tech support for this issue.

Thanks for the info. I will raise a SR. Can you please let me know the SP and fixes you had to apply. I have applied BrokerCore_6-1_SP3_Fix6_WIN service pack.

Below are the info:
Product webMethods Integration Server
Version 6.1
Updates IS_6-1_FP2

Build Number 132
SSL Strong (128-bit)

Server Environment
Java Version 1.3.1 (46.0)
Java Vendor IBM Corporation
Java Home F:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\jvm
Java Classpath F:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\jvm\lib\rt.jar

Product webMethods Broker Administrator
Version 011204
API Version 6.1

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I have 6.1 broker with SP3. I have applied the the following fixes:


The core broker version after applying the fixes is: 061605.

I am bit unclear why you applied the fix:BrokerCore_6-1_SP3_Fix6 when your core borker does not seem to have SP3 ( 011204).

Anyway please apply the fixes as suggested by webMethods Tech support.

Don´t mix the Broker Core Version and the Broker Administrator Version.

The latest known Fixes are
Broker Core 6.1 SP3 Fix15
Broker JavaAPI 6.1 SP3 Fix7
Broker Administrator 6.1 SP3 Fix3 (can be used with Admin 6.1)