Connection Pooling

The property section of JDBC adapter has entry for nodes of the database which connection is using.
There are 3 nodes for the database. I want to run the webMethods Interfaces on only two of the nodes of the database.
Only removing the entry if the particluar node from the Integration Server Property section of the JDBC adapter would be enough or there is anything else which needs to be removed?
The interfaces are still running on all the nodes even after removing the entry for the particular node from IS.
Please help

Hi Alankrita,

I presume ‘entry for nodes’ means Adapter connection name in Adapter Settings tab you are referring to. I didnt get exact meaning of ‘Removing entry’. Below are few pointers to change that 3rd node to point to 2nd connection:

1.Use ART service to point to 2nd connection.
2.Delete unwanted 3rd connectiion from IS.
3.Cross check whether services are working fine.

I might be oversimplifying the scenario. Provide more details if possible.

Niteesh :slight_smile: