Connection Pooling in 7.1.3 when connecting to database using custom java service

Hi All

I am having a situation where i had to invoke a stored procedure which provides an empty blob as output and i am streaming my data in to the empty blob.Since i couldnt find a way of doing the streaming in by using build in webmethods services i had to write a custom java service using the methods in java.sql.*.Now since i am having to create the connection in the java service,i am not sure how to manage the connections i.e how can i implement connection pooling for the connections used by this custom java service.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mani,
I have a query. Why do you need to invoke a procedure that gives you an empty blob object as output?

JDBC Adapter supports BLOB data type (


Hi Senthil

The Blob we insert from webMethods can be up to 5 MB in size and the volume is also extermely high.

Apparently having a blob as an input for such size and volume is a highly memory intensive operation on oracle ahd hence the PL-SQL team are sending an empty blob as an output.

Since the blob is a locator(operation on the locator achieve the same results as operations on the BLOB value itself) , in the java world you retrieve the empty blob and stream the input data in to the empty blob.

I couldnt find any such streaming option (Streaming on a retrieved empty output blob) in webmethods and hence i decided to do this the java way,and now i am stuck in connection pooling for the database connection used in the java service.

I dont see any API to retrieve the connection from the connection alias configured in webmethods.

Any help/advise will be really helpful as i am stuck in this point for a while now.