connection from myWebMethods to Broker

Hi guys,

when trying to get information about the broker by clicking on the broker name in myWebMethods - Messaging - Broker servers, I get the following errors:

[POP.012.0001.wm_msg_server_context] Error: Could not get the description of broker server “host:port”.
[POP.012.0021.wm_msg_server_details] Error: Cannot get a valid connection to the Broker Server “host:port”.

There is no information about those error codes on advantage. Has anyone experienced this before?


I have experienced something similar. In our situation there is a firewall, and partial NAT between MWS and the remote Broker. A similar message appears in the Broker server log when attempting to establish a gateway across this firewall.

This only occurs in webMethods 7.1.1 (6.1 worked ok).