Connecting wME 4 components to wM 6 Broker

Dear wM fans:

We had developed many wME 4 components based on wM 4 broker. Now we are developing new integration based on wM 6 and without upgrading wME 4 components at this moment. How should we connect wM 6 components to wME 4 components? There are two approaches:

(1). Use only ONE wM 6 broker: Connect wM 6 components and wME 4 components to wM 6 broker. We have tested that wME 4 components worked fine with wM 6 broker. wM best practice document also said that wME 4 could work with wM 6 broker although there exist some differences.

(2). Use wM 6 broker for wM 6 components and wME 4 broker for wME components and use territory to link two brokers: It is recommended by webMethods people here.

I would like to know your experience and idea. Thanks in advance.



As a side note, you might want to consider that a following version of the broker will probably not supprt wME 4 components. A third approach might be to rebuild your integration in wM 6 components. This will take more effort but might give you an advantage in the future.

Good luck, Chris


If you keep them into Two Different Territories and link them using gateways… then

Two questions:

  1. What happens when one of the broker server is down (if both brokers are on different broker servers)
  2. What happens when syncing of events between brokers… fails. [i think you can see with old GUI manager, have not tried with new web manager yet].

would like to know from community, if they have experienced similar issues and how they solved it. Also would like to understand, why “sync” status of events shared in territories lost at times.