Connecting WM 60 with JBoss 304 using EJB Adapter v12

Installation of the webmethods 6.0 is done through
How many license keys are required to install it? If we
purchase a new product or adapter can we get a new license
key along with it and how will it be installed?
How will the keys and installations work?


Not sure this is the best thread for your question, but I’ll
take a stab at it anyway.

The number of license keys you will need depends on the
number of products you will be installing. If you are
installing wM Enteprise (broker) and wm Integration Server
(B2B) you will need license keys for each. Also, some
adapters or other modules may require their own license key.

Your best bet is to obtain the piece of paper (or email) you
received from webMethods with the license keys for all of
the products that you purchased before running the install.
If for some reason you no longer have that your company’s
authorized contact could request it again from