connecting smartphone


i am new to cumulocity IoT and learning how to register devices. I just register my smartphone and its status is “WAITING FOR CONNECTION” and waiting for connection, what does this mean, how do i connect my smartphone to cumulocity IoT?

Hi Mahboob Elahi,

Firstly, you need to dowload the “Cumulocity Cloud Sensor App” in App Store/Play Store.

After the download has finished, open the app and tap on Connect to Cumulocity. Please enter the tenant in the Tenant field.

Now tap on Choose Instance and pick from the list of options.

After tapping on Connect, you will have to enter in your username and password which is the same credentials that you use to login Cumulocity.

Then, the device registration for your phone is finished by tapping on Login.


Hi Mahboob,

Yasmin gave a pretty good explanation on the steps. Please let me know if they worked out for you.

best regards