Connecting SAP PO to Webmethods

Hi all,

From SAP ECC System we are sending idocs to SAP PO systems via Webservice call through web methods. The data is successfully getting integrated with the SAP PO system. Now we are looking to receive ALEAUD data from the SAP PO system back to our web methods so that we can monitor idoc integrations.

Can anyone assist me in establishing the connection? Either via RFC or WebService or any other alternative protocol.

Thanks in advance.


what about uisng wM SAP Adapter 7.1?
It supports RFC connections and listeners which can also be used for transferring IDocs.

You will have to talk to your sales representative at SAG to get licensed for it.

Additionally you will need an account at SAP Marketplace to download the JCo libraries.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the quick response. Can you please tell me what are the parameters I need to know from the SAP PO in order to set up RFC Connection in WebMethods.

As of now the SAP Adapters are already present and it is fully licensed as well.

Also let me know if we need to configure anything in SAP PO to set up RFC Connection.

Hi Raj,

you will need the user, password, client (mandator) as well as the router string and the system number.

See SAP Adapter Install and Users Guide for details.
It also contains informations what to set up on SAP side (esp. neccessary right to do some metadata lookups on the functions and IDocs you are using.

Please apply latest Fix to SAP Adapter and get the latest JCo Lib from SAP Marketplace.