connecting c1(commerceone) on-ramp adapter to TN

does anyone know how can we use a c1(commerceone) on-ramp with trading Network (TN server) :

our Partner level:

our Partner uses modules included in the commerceone on-ramp adapter and sends an
Xcbl document with some http content header

our environment level

we use the B2B and TN server to handle documents coming from our Partner described above.

  1. Can we configure TN to receive the documents
    coming from our partner (sent with http but
    with a special content header) which uses
    a c1 onramp adapter

  2. if yes, what actions do we have to perform
    to configure TN.

  3. If we had to use a C1 on-ramp adapter too
    where exactly should we handle this. and how the adapter package works

Any help is welcome