Hi everyone
I have two version of webmethod: 10.0 and 10.1
Both of them, I copied JCO.jar and JDOC.jar into right folder and register .dll to windows
with version 10.0, I connected successfully with SAP Connection (enabled is yes, and if error, it will throw exception)
But with version 10.1, when i established connection between SAP and webmethod, i cannot enable it, no error or any notify to me.
Please help me resolve it


please provide the level of applied Fixes for SAP Adapter in both cases.
Please also provide the Version of the JCo libs.

JCo.Jar and JCoIdoc.jar should go to IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmSAP/code/jars/static.
The DLL should be placed under IntegrationServer/instances/default/lib directory.

Were the ISes stoppend and restarted after applying the libs and jars?

Is there anything in the server.log or in SAP Adapter Admin Screens under logs?


Hi all
I have already attached image about error. And JCO with JDOC
JCO3.jar and JDOC3.jar
don’t have any log written in server log when I enable.
I think due to lack of file or variable in javascript file


you will need to apply at least SAP_7.1_Fix16 or newer to your IntegrationServer.
Latest Fix is Fix18.

On 10.1 you will also have to apply WAR_10.1_Fix2 for the AdapterRunTime.

Excerpt of the Readme:

WSP-1073 (SAP_7.1_Fix16)
In webMethods SAP Adapter 7.1, Administrator screens does not
appear properly.

When WmSAP is installed on Integration Server 9.10 or later,
the Integration Server Administrator screens of WmSAP do not
appear properly.

This issue is now resolved.

Additionally the version of the API (3.0.17) is supported on SAP_7.1_Fix14 and newer:

WSP-1001 (SAP_7.1_Fix14)
webMethods SAP Adapter 7.1 is not compatible with SAP JCo version
3.0.13 and higher.

Changes in the SAP JCo middleware version 3.0.13 cause exceptions
during the IDoc processing in SAP Adapter 7.1.

This issue is resolved. The adapter is now compatible with SAP
JCo version 3.0.13 and higher. 


Could you give me this files for updating
or how to download this files/updates, please


you can need an UpdateManager installed on a box with Internet Access.

After starting UpdateManager you can create an image file containing the desired fixes by using your Empower credentials.
You need to be allowed to download software from Empower SoftwareDownload Center for your project.

You can then port this image to the target box if this one does not have Internet Access to apply the fixes there by using UpdateManager.


Thanks so much!!!