Connect to FTP Listener manually

Hi All,

I am very new to Web Methods. I am able to do the following:

  1. Create a FTP Listener at the Port 7000 in my IS Server.
  2. Create a Flow Service and use the In Built Service to list the directories under folder named as ‘ns’.
  3. Now I want to perform the following

a. Manually connect to this FTP Server / Port in my MS Command Prompt. Is this possible? I see a lot of posts to debug using this way. I am not able to do this. Can someone help me?

b. I am trying to use the In Build Webmethods services to login into the same Server / Port Number and then put a file inside the Server’s path ns/. I am not able to do this. I am getting the following error: 553 ‘PazAddress.txt’: cannot write.

Kindly help me with this or please point me to some document where I can see some samples or examples.

Thanks and regards,
Pazhanikanthan. P


What OS are you using? Looking at the error, I see that ‘PazAddress.txt’ does not have write rights. Change the rights to “chmod 777” (I am guessing its a unix box)

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You may need to register the txt content handler as:

new HandlerFactory_txt());


Hi Rocky,

I am able to resolve that problem.

First Problem got resolved by issuing the following commands:

ftp> open localhost 7000
Connected to S2B20988.
220 S2B20988:7000 FTP server (webMethods Integration Server version 6.0.1) ready
User (S2B20988none)): ftpuser
331 Password required for ftpuser.
230 User ftpuser logged in.
ftp> cd ls
550 ‘ls’: No such file or directory.
ftp> cd ns
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> cd ftpuser
550 ‘ftpuser’: No such file or directory.
ftp> ls
200 PORT command successful.
150 ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls (,3860).

Second one I am now logging in and changing directory to the Service Name which I have created. This was treated as a Directory in FTP prompt. Now I tried to issue command

ftp> put FTPInput.txt
200 PORT command successful.
150 ASCII mode data connection for FTPInput.txt (,4382).
226 ASCII transfer complete.
ftp: 15 bytes sent in 0.00Seconds 15000.00Kbytes/sec.

This is able to send the content to the Server. In my service I am using the following
pub.flow:getTransportInfo. I have an Input Variable (node). I assume this takes care of converting into object type transportInfo.

I am stuck here. I need to extract the File content in the transportInfo object into byte array so that I can physically write it to a file in Hardisk to check whether the content is fine. How do I do that?

Thanks and regards,
Pazhanikanthan. P

object “ffdata” would have the content of the FTP .

Bhavani Shankar.