Configuring WM 8.0 to detect JD Edwards Oneworld XE Real Time Events

We’re experiencing difficulty in trying to get webMethods 8.0 to pick up Real Time Events generated out of our JD Edwards Oneworld XE ERP system.

When we enable the listener and execute a real time event transaction we get a series of repetitive errors (starting with “Cannot create a lock for a thread that has no session”) which overwhelm our Integration Server.

Our connection on the EnterpriseOne Adapter has a type of “JD Edwards ERP 8 Event Connection”. The listener, however, gets created with an adapter name = “ERPAdapter” with a class name = “com.psft.xpi.adapter.erp.notification.listener.ERPEventListener”.

Has anyone here successfully connected webMethods to a JDE OW XE environment for Real Time Events? If so, can you provide any info I may be missing?