Configuring Twilio account in Integration Workflow


This article describes configuring an account to Twilio in Workflow


• Active Twilio account

• Active Integration tenant


Section 1: Configure a Twilio account

Section 2: Setting up a Twilio account in Integration tenant

Section 1. Configure a Twilio account

  1. Sign up to Twilio or login if you already have an account.

  2. You can use the default project or create a new custom project. To create a project, click on the dropdown in the top left corner and select Create New Project option.

  1. Fill in required fields and verify your account to create the project.

  1. Note down Account SID and Auth Token.

Section 2: Setting up Twilio account in Integration Workflow

  1. Login to Integration tenant and choose your project or click on + to create new project.

  2. Switch to Connectors tab.

  3. Search for Twilio connector in the available connectors list.

  1. Mouse hover on the Twilio connector icon and then click on the + icon.

  1. Fill in the Account name, Username (Account SID) and Password (Auth token) obtained from Step 4. Click on Add.

  1. An account for Twilio connector has been added successfully, it can now be used in Workflows or Flowservices.