Configuring the document store


I can set the document store for each triggers from the developer. (say trigger wide)

I can also set the document store for the server thru the administrator. (say system wide)

The doc says “The server administrator can use the Integration Server Administrator to gradually decrease or suspend the capacity and refill
levels of all trigger queues.”.

Now if I have 5 triggers each having a document store capacity of 50 and if I had left the system wide document store left at its default of 10, what would be the effect.?

Do I need to keep the system wide setting to be the SUM of trigger wide settings, in our case 50*5 = 250.

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AFAIK, you should keep the system wide setting to 250 i.e the sum of all the document stores.
if you keep it 10,then the first 10 docs come in and the other docs will be in the queue and will wait for the first 4 docs to get drained out of the store as the refill capacity is 4.


Thanks Ramesh

I too think the same, but I had not read it any where in the docs to be sure of that, that is why I wanted to ask this to the community.


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Thahir and Ramesh,

First of all you need understand that the Document Store setting in the IS administrator is for Default Document Store not for Trigger Document Store. When you change the capacity and refill level values from the IS admin it will not affect the Trigger Document Store in any way.

As you might already know the Default Document store contains published documents delivered directly (not published) to the client
ID of the Integration Server. Therefore if your flow invokes deliver or deliverAndWait services to send the documents to specific Triggers(5 triggers) then you have to adjust the Default Document Store settings and the specific Triggers settings accordingly. If your flow does a publish then changes to the Default Document Store will not affect the Trigger Document Store.

Please refer “Overview of the Publishing Path” in Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide Version 6.1

Thahir and Ramesh

what Shahul Hameed says is very much true . I have tried this in our test environment .We have around 8 sub systems with 26 triggers and we use a publish/subscribe model . I have tested with around 10000 messages with default settings and also tested with SUM of trigger wide settings and found that there is no effect .

Shahul Hameed Thanks for your input .


Shahul Hameed

I had gone thru many docs but missed this part. Thanks for clearing it up. I am sure many will benefit from your post.

Thank you again