Configuring MWS & TN

Hi there Folks,

We have a IS / MWS 7.1.1.
I am trying to use MWS as a GUI for TN.

I have read the TN Admin PDF and performed the following:

1-Configure the Integration Server to use Central User Management.
2-Identifying TN Server to MWS.

And since we ARE using the default port for MWS…Im not using the following setting in our extended settings Page:

And I still see the following errors in MWS when I tried to access : Monitoring-Integration-B2B-Transactions.

HTTP error response: [ISS.0084.9001] Invalid credentials

Also this in the IS Server logs: 2009-07-09 13:30:00 CDT [ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user SAMLart on port 5455 -> ‘soap/rpc’ from

Any pointers would be monumentally appreciated.
Scooby !