Configuring Google OAuth account in Integration Workflow


This article describes configuring an OAuth account to Google Pub/Sub in Workflow


• User needs to have a Google account

• Working Integration tenant


Section 1: [Configure a Google OAuth](./Configure a Google OAuth)

Section 2: Setting up a Google OAuth account in Integration tenant

Section 1. Configure a Google OAuth

  1. Login to Google Console with the username and password

  2. From the projects list, select a project from the dropdown or create a new one if required

  3. To use Google Cloud API, user must enable an Google Cloud Pub/Sub API for a project using console

    i. On the left, click on Navigation Menu

    ii. Under APIs & Services choose Library, select the API and enable it.

  4. If the APIs & services page isn’t already open, open the console left side menu and select APIs & Services

  5. On the left, click Credentials

  6. Click + Create Credentials, then select OAuth client ID

  7. Users setting up Google Cloud Console for the first time, they need to configure the Consent Screen to get the Client ID click Configure Consent Screen.

  8. In the next screen choose the user type as External click Create.

  9. Next screen will show for Edit app registration, provide the App name & User support email.

  10. Provide the details for Application home page & Authorized domains.

  11. Provide the details for Developer contact information & click Save and continue.

  12. Next screen will show for configuring the Scopes, click on Add or remove scopes then select the ** API Check box** & click Update.


  13. Click Add Users to add some extra users for the app & click Save & Continue.

  14. Review the Summery section, then click Back to Dashboard. Now we have successfully configured the Consent Screen.

  15. Click +Create Credentials again & Select the appropriate application type (In this case application type is web application) for your project and enter any
    additional information required

  16. Select Authorized redirect URI’s and add the redirect URI as OAuth 2.0 Playground and hit

  17. Note down the Client Id and Client Secret created


  18. Open the browser and point the browser to Google Oauth Playground

  19. On the right corner of the page, click on gear icon and fill in OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret generated
    (from Step 8) and click on Close

  20. On left side panel, select the scopes required

  21. Hit on Authorize APIs

  22. Click on Exchange authorization code for tokens

  23. Note down Access Token and Refresh Token

Section 2: Setting up Google OAuth account in Integration Workflow

  1. Login to Integration tenant and choose your project or click on “+” to create new project

  2. Choose your workflow or click on “+” to create new workflow

  3. From the right-hand panel of connectors list. Drag and drop a Google Cloud PubSub Connector

  4. Click on gear icon on the connector and choose any predefined operation (Example: listTopics) and click on “+” to
    add account

  5. Fill in the Client Id, Client Secret obtained from Step 8 and Access Token,Refresh Token obtained from Step 14

    Refresh URL:

    Grant_type : refresh_token

  6. Click on Add and Hit Next and pass the required inputs (In this case “listTopics” requires projectId to be passed)

  7. Click on Save and Run the workflow