Configuring Certificate

I need to invoke a service from Java Client through https. I have opened an https port and added the service to the “Add Folders and Services to Allow List”.

I did not configure any certicates, so this should use the default certificates. When I invoke this service through web(IE) https://server:port/invoke/servicpath, its prompting me to accept the cerficate, but when I run through java client its working fine with out prompting any error. I have not configured any certificate on the client side.

Why is it prompting me to accept when I run through the web(IE) and not giving me any error when I run through java client.

Presently, the ACL for the service is anonymous. I need to associate an ACL and a certificate for that service and make it work.  

Can some one help me on this. 


Could it be that your browser is set to warn before accepting an unknown CA certificate. And your WM server certificate is from a CA not known/included as trusted CA’s within the browser.