Configure two-way SSL authentication in webMethods8.2 server

Hi All,

in webMethods 6.5, we are using the two-way ssl authentication for communicating external system through DMZ zones of target system.

webMethods sends a request through web-service using the two-way SSL authentication process.

we are migrating the servers to webMethods8.2. also configured the two-way SSL authentication as same process in webMethods6.5 version.

While invoking the request from service, it throws an error like, “Http Error: 403 - Forbidden”.

When verifying the client DMZ zone, they are saying that, web-methods server not passing certificates “client passed no certificate.”

Could you please some one let us know, how to configure the two-way authentication process in webMethods8.2 server?

in webMethods 6.5 under certificates option, configure the client certificate and configure the outbound SSL authentication like, Server’s Signing certificate, Server’s CA certificate and privatekey certificates.

but in webMethods 8.2 version, these options are changed, in configured client certificates, configured the client certificate and usage option is new one in wM8.2, we selected SSL authentication.
but the cerficates like, signing server’s certificate, CA certificates and PrivateKey certificates, where do configure these.

I read some information for two-way SSL authentication information in webMethods Administrator Guide. which is some useful content. but it’s difficult configure through that information for above certificates.

Please help me on this, if you have such type requirements. Configuration Approach and all.

Thanks in Advance!

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