configuration changes to the portlet in MWS

Hi All,

i have deployed the portlet application to mws,here i need to change the configuration details like, changing of look and feel, As i loging to this portlet,here i can public folder, Administrator links on portlet, i dodnot want to see any link,how can i change look and feel to my portlet application,is it possible to change url http://localhost:8585/portletapplication to http://portletapplication

how can i achieve both, please suggest me on this…

anil kumar e

Hi anil,

connect MWS using sysadmin user

in userInterface page you can find the

Shell-Administrator and Skin-Administration. using this two you can change the look and feel of MWS.

and i think using this Admin account we can change the url …i never did this :frowning:

Vinod Kumar Ksheersagar

how can assign the skin,shell to my portlet

you’ll need to create Skin/Shell rules for that. The documentation (Administering My webMethods Server) explains how this is done.

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thanks for reply, i have connected to active directory by ldap , it has group in that, i have created the shell rule and skin rule and assigned the this ldap group to it, how to assign this shell/skin rules to my portlet application am not getting, how to assign this to my portlet applicaion.

anil kumar e

Skin/Shell assignment can be done on multiple conditions, like user logged in MWS, role assigned to the user, parent folder of the accessed page…
You’ll probably need to use a combination of those (inside one single rule) to get the desired effect.

hope this helps


Could you also throw some light on 2nd part of the question which is "

““is it possible to change url http://localhost:8585/portletapplication to http://portletapplication””“”"