Config of Adapters in ES cluster

Has anyone found any info on configuring adapters for brokers that are in a cluster?

Do you specify the broker at the virtual machine DNS, or do you config it to point to the individual brokers (would mean you do this for each adapter multiple times)?

We run the adaptors on the same 2 boxes as ES. Since the data area is on a shared drive, it seems like the adapters config would go there, rather than the C:WINNT\activesw\ dir. ??


webMethods uses the High-Availabillity option for clustering and that would contain brokers attached to nodes. Adapters on the other half aren’t (yet), but you can simply load-balance them with Shared State clients (GEAR has the guidelines for you).

You can specify the broker at the VM. And yes, the data area for the adapters can be specified to an shared drive, (for instance when you decided to install :wink: ).

Hope this helps,

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